My Dog Harry.

The vicious truth of life is that a dog can live only for 10-12 years but a man can have a life of 70 -80 years. A dog's life is considerably shorter than a human's life. If you love a dog, you will lose a dog, and you will suffer and the lessons that their death brings… will be inexplicably painful.

My Harry is no more. This is the reflection of my feelings ; only a true animal lover can understand such a feeling. This may bring out tears. Please skip reading this article if you are a one who cannot understand the bond between  a man and a dog.
Thank you for sharing my pain.

        HARRY,  WE MISS YOU SO MUCH      

You were an unexpected gift. So cuddly and delicate, you were a small adorable puppy searching our faces with beautiful green eyes that were wide and filled with tears after being recently separated from your mother.
I made you comfortable by looking into your eyes and you sniffed all over me with your cute wet nose.
You slept on my neck & chest as a little creature and thereafter on my feet. When I slowly made you sleep on the floor,near the bed, you wanted my fingers to touch you so that you could sleep safe. You also tried tirelessly to climb on to the bed that was out of your reach. You were a stubborn little kid as well.

You grew… as a puppy

You always wanted to be with us at each and every moment of your life and you never wanted to stay away. At night you were forced to stay out in your kennel but you never did . You were always looking at us through the french window , every day, eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of us in the morning. We know how much of happiness you derived out of seeing us after a  few hours.

You used to stay by the gate every time we left the house and wait patiently,hoping that we would get back home soon . I could not keep you with me always for so many reasons but you had forgiven us.

Every day at 8 p.m. an alarm rang from your mind clock and you ran around in circles ,happily expecting to be taken for a walk. Yes, we remember the days we walked together, of course the way you ran everywhere to sniff and explore the outside world, and also the times I fell down as I was unable to control you.

We stopped playing crackers during festival of lights as we found that you did not like it and disturbed very much by the blasting sounds.

We could not tolerate your pain and tears when your tail, accidentally was caught between the doors. We know you lost your tail tip and a lot of blood but you still managed to wag your tail when we were around.

You grew… as an adult dog 

We remember how much you were fond of playing the ball and you were never ready to drop it back. We were astonished to see the way you kicked the ball into the air. You were pretty good at back-kicks as well. We remember how much you enjoyed catching the red laser spot light when it was focused on the floor, thinking it was  an insect. You always knew that we made a fool out of you but you never did mind.

How could one forget your initial naughty days… chewing on guest footwear, uprooting the garden plants, jumping to eat the hibiscus flowers, chasing the butterflies, birds, rats, reptiles, insects & other dogs...and the moments we had to chase you to get back the towels and our clothes.

When the cobras barged into our home , you encountered them, who would forget it? You saved us all from their bites.

The time you managed to drink the family's supply of milk for the day. You snuggled the packet of milk so that nobody could see you enjoy it and finally we had to find you tipsy and sprawled on the floor with a pot belly.

How can I ever forget the days you lay on my lap and the times when we watched the rain, listening to nothing but the sounds of our breathing. The way you always held out your paw to me when I was sad.

When we wanted to avoid you coming with us, your destiny made you to live with us wherever we went .

Years flew on the wings of time. You grew old. You looked wise and mature. You looked straight into our eyes for hours. Eyes filled with infinite love and joy.

You always wanted to sleep near our bed, I can still hear you snore. Your ears would twitch and you would sometimes wag your tail in your sleep.

You had identified me as your Appa (Dad), my wife as Amma ( Mom), my daughter Nivya  as Akka ( Sister). 

Amma was not accepting some of your habits; unfortunately she did not know that you did it involuntarily. There were time when  I was disappointed in her. But she is the one who had spent more time with you and for you. You made her change and love you and accept you. 

You grew with us but unfortunately became old

We moved to Chennai, to a flat in our corporate training college ‘Nalanda’ as I was posted there as Vice Principal. You refused to pee in the toilet and expected us to take you out for a walk.. You became a favorite to every resident / trainees of the seven storied building and everyone loved you, even the ones who were afraid of dogs .  

You always thought yourself as a human- you loved every human being. You shared our home and became our kid. More importantly,you accepted us as your family. 

It was really painful to see you growing old. You started sleeping like a baby. You refused to climb up the stairs. You were so happy to take a walk when you were young but now,you refused. I could see that you always lost your balance while walking and you were often reluctant to get up.We thought that you had became lazy but we were ignorant. We did not understand that you were deteriorating.

Dear, you have never been aggressive, even when we wanted you to be disciplined, you accepted our command. It was always surprising to see, the only times you barked were the times when there was an argument in the family. You never wanted anybody to get hurt. You were always selfless.

Your Akka, my daughter though she is an adult today, she is still a child to me; but to her you were a child.

The last time when  Akka came home, you showered her with so much love as you had not met her for a long time. 

Unusually we took more snaps and videos of yours, without realizing that we are soon going to miss you once and for all.

She had brought you all the special treats that you loved, unfortunately you could not live longer to enjoy them.

How patient you were to receive injections when you were ill. I never even had to hold your mouth.

You were such a good dog, Harry. You were always faithful to me, and always loved me through all my mistakes and painful times during your 11 years of life.

You have gone 

My tears roll out involuntarily whenever I think of your last days, the moments you were taking your last breaths.

I couldn't save you, couldn't save you dear.

During the last days, when you looked at me to take you to the toilet, first few days you were helping me by crawling yourself. It was really painful to see you like that, but my heart broke the last time when I took you inside like a ball with all my effort and took you out. You never wanted to spoil the home and so disciplined even at death bed. Never can one expect such an attitude even from a human when he is bedridden.

People tried to console me on my loss and they were saying to me that I can have one more Harry in my life. I can't just replace my lost loved one. You aren't like car or refrigerator. How can it be. No one can replace you. You are the only one who touched our hearts.

Who will comfort me or love me the way you did? You were always there for me, and I felt your love. I could see it in your eyes. You looked at me like I was the best thing ever, but I wasn't the best. You were. 

I can't imagine coming home and not finding you. Who am I going to talk about my day to?

You were always there when I sat at the dining table to get your share of food from me. You won't be here now to eat at the end of my breakfast or dinner ,to get your share for which you would patiently wait. I know how you loved to have a slice of bread.

Every Saturday you had your bath , I am really going to miss the joy of giving you one.

Life is not the same without you, my boy. You taught me many important lessons in life, and I will always be grateful to you in my life.

Who will be like you Harry, the way you had accepted and forgiven me when I scolded you, and you started waging your tail the moment I said sorry to you. I can’t even expect this attitude from any human, and even the kind people will take their own time to forgive others.

Your memories are engraved in my heart. You will never be forgotten ...

This is not a farewell. 

Time will never heal the pain of parting, but hopefully time should lessen the pain.

“If tears could build a stairway
And memories were a lane
We would walk right up to Heaven
And bring you back again.”

animated white pillar candle with glitter roses photo prettypillarcandlewithroses.gif

I had many dogs in the past. When I was practicing veterinary medicine, I have encountered some such episodes with dog owners. I shared their feelings with my tears. I could now deeply understand  such  feelings.

Harry was truly the best dog I have ever owned. My Life isn't long enough or lucky enough to have the honor of owning another like him. Truly, he was my inspiration to start this blog.

Harry @ Chennai, the place he had spent his elderly days

Harry @ Coimbatore, the place he had spent his puppy & adulthood and,
the ‘Dog warning board’ that I kept on the gate.



Malathi said...

Very sorry to hear about Harry. I have heard you talk so fondly about Him. Your article on him speaks your heart. Lucky Harry had a Dad like you. As you said nothing can replace Harry. One day I wanted bring my daughter to meet him. I have missed the opportunity. The loss is really painful particularly when you lose the one whom you loved. Let the time heal you.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Perriamma, Periappa and Nivya Akka,

We are incredibly sorry to hear about Harry's demise. The sad news about the bereavement admittedly came both as a shock and as an unexpected event. You were NOT one of the millions who abuse their pet into starvation. In fact, Harry lived a pleasant and fruitful life. He was well-fed, always happy, and loved to bits, especially by Nivya Akka.

Harry will always remain as the faithful character we know him for today. We will cherish the good memories and ensure that he will never be forgotten.

Thank You

Ramanish Ravishankar
Rishi Ravishankar

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle, Hema Akka and Nivya,

I am truly sorry to hear about Harry. He was more a family member than a pet for all of you. I know you will never forget him. Time will never heal the pain you feel, but hopefully time will lessen the pain. He will always be a wonderful memory. It is times like this that we wish we were closer to support our family. Our thoughts are with you.

Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Harry was a true friend. He was sharp, inteligent & very understanding.
The walks of Nalanda will not be the same without him. We all will miss him.
Only time can fill the void & heal the pain in the heart.

We stand by you in this hour of grief.

R. Hariharan

Livingstone Rose said...

We also feel sorry doctor!!!!

Rashmi Sharma said...

i feel sorry

Ashim Mukherjee said...

Doctor-I share your pain.It is only recently saw him.May Harry R.I.P.

Khushal Singh said...

Wat happened to Harry? ??? I saw it in September. Was looking quite good n healthy.... Very cool n calm pet it was. Arrogance of lion on face...Gait brimming with attitude n bravery. .. yet very calm n friendly.....

Really was a nice company every nyt during my night walk in LC

Unknown said...

Endear Sir,
I can verily understand the pang of pain u r suffering through as i've been on the demise of my childhood frn "TIGER",
I grew with him but could never match his pace of growth,
his running speed,
his undying love... i was above all for him.

Its true that they love more than their own life: an amazing fact.

Something that stops is their absence.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I read the article 3 times .. I had moist eyes . Your essay made me feel as if I had met Harry ..heart warming at first and heart breaking in the end... You are a true vet who loved his pet . I feel for harry after reading this blog.. I want to get a dog now but I don't think i can suffer the pain of the last days. You are an amazing human being

I read your article on silk worms as well and from now I will not buy silk...

I have been reading all your posts

Kaushal Raman Singh said...

Only memory remains: the moments lived with him will torment 4ever

Deepak Singh Chouhan said...

Harry was such a nice being...a really playful friend who shared our loneliness during our training...heartfelt condolences for him...May his soul R I P

Krishna Kumar Sree said...

A fluffy darling with cutest legs four, His loving looks when you are at the door. Affection that copiously does pour, wagging his tail for more. the bond between man and pet, especially so understanding as a vet. Knows no bound, A new meaning life has found. The separation and the pain, brings tears like rain. its easy to console, but hard to calm the soul. May God Bless Him, and fill his soul to the brim.

Padmanathan Arumugam said...

Very sorry sir

Hemalatha Duruva said...

sorry sir

Michele Sebesto said...

So sorry....

Nithyanandan Rangasamy said...

Dr, even though I have never seen him, I can feel your pain. Very sorry

Bindu Venugopal said...

Sorry sir...never knew it...when was it....Now even I know him....You made him close to all...

Easwara Kaimal said...

Sorry Doctor to know about his death.He was so gentle and friendly with us, we all will miss him.

Karpagam Pradheep said...

Very very sorry sir the pain can't be expressed in words

Sivakami Sundaram said...

yenna achu? adada.. I remember how he was peoples' pet at LC. so sorry sir.

Linda said...

I read your story about Harry. (All of it). Oh boy... could I relate! I had a dog like Harry too. Best dog I ever had. That was 40 years ago and I still think of her. I have dogs now but there will never be another like her. Her name was Happy..

Panneer Selvan said...

Dr. Very very sorry. No words.

Krishna Kumar Sree said...

A Relationship. A Bond. A Need, a Want, a Desire, and a Passion to be together. A life of sharing, a life of caring, a life of affection, and a life of compassion. Oneness, Togetherness, a mutual feeling of celebration called life. Our life. The sense of belonging, the emotion of love, the mutual feeling of coziness and security, the mutual dependency, each ever ready to lend a helping hand, the play, the fun, the moments of togetherness, the innocent innocuous mischief, the laughter, the echoes of happy woofing, the perfect understanding despite language barriers, all seem to be indelible heartfelt memories covered by the continuous flow of tears, at the pangs of separation. I understand your feelings and emotions and can very well empathize with you. I love canines. And I love Homo sapiens who love canines. As they love with the heart of a canine. Faithfulness, loyalty, affection, care, compassion stem from their hearts. Many a time, I wish I were a canine. But, I have to be content trying to imbibe their characteristics. God bless the loving Soul Abundantly. May he be in our memories throughout our lives.

Bithiah Samuel said...

Sir, When I heard about Harry, I wanted to speak with you over phone, But I know I cannot talk .... till today, until I see your Blog. Sir I couldn't control myself when I see your heart about your son. no humans can console you sir, but God who created us and entire creations in this universe will console you because God created parents like you to send His creations to take care of them. In this way, you fulfilled God's wish and I believe sir, he will gift you the same Harry and more more pets to you when He is going to establish His own sinless Kingdom in this world. No tears and no pain in that beautiful God's world. To Hema mam, & Nivya Chellam too... Harry will be in your mind always throughout your life. I shared this heartfelt message to my hubby, he too felt very sorry and immediately he told me we could take our browny to sir sometimes when he feels for Harry.

Ucikar said...

Dear Annan,

I am truly sorry about your loss of Harry.
Words are not enough to express how sorry I am for your loss.
One thing I can only say is just enjoy the moments you had with Harry.

Much love,

PANDIAN said...

Dear Dr.

A good dog never dies, He always stays, walks besides you.

Sharing your sorrow and hoping that each day brings you comfort and healing.


Anonymous said...

Just happened to read your blog on Harry. Very painful to read. Hope you are slowly reconciling to the fact.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss. I know it's not easy to accept the fact that our beloved dog is not with us any more, like you I loss my dog also for 8 years and it's been 1 month since she passed away and until now we're still grieving to her loss. During her pet cremation the whole family is crying and no acceptance in our hearts. I'm still hoping that someday I can have a normal life and understand why is it happen to us. Please refer to this link:

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