Bird's Intelligence!


You call it as intelligence or instinct; whatever may be... animals possess some incredible behaviors!

An instinct is a behavior that is acted out, not done by free will or choice. Animals react to things without thinking about it (Not logical as Human) and the reaction they had was completely functional the first time they performed it. 

Animal instinct may be hereditary based. The genes get recorded and the traits are passed on from generation to generation. This is for the survival of the fittest & related to natural selection.

Some are quite common to man; example of an animal instinct is when baby ducks are born. They know from the moment that they hatch that they are supposed to follow their mother.


What is amazing, some are extra ordinary. I would share one such instinct now.

It’s about a bird that has fallen down from top and had a kind of cardiac arrest!! The video shows how another bird does CPR - Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and revives the other one successfully!!

They don't need to learn medicine to do that, they've been given inbuilt by Mother Nature!!

Something interesting to you:  Man Saves Bird by Giving it CPR


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